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Will your event include food (such as a BBQ?) If yes, a Temporary Food Vender Permit may be required from Public Health
Will your event include alcohol? If yes, a Special Occasion Application must be completed.

Important Information

A site visit is mandatory prior to the approval of the event. The Applicant will be contacted by the City of Yorkton to schedule a time for the site visit to occur.

Rules and Regulations for Park Use

By signing below, the Applicant agrees that they have read the above Rules & Regulations for Park Use, and further agrees to abide by the terms and conditions outlined therein.


Special Occasions

Special Occasion Applications (as approved by the City of Yorkton) and Special Occasion Permits (as approved by the provincial licensing authority) are required for all events where alcohol is present, and may be required for other events at the direction of the Property Manager. The Special Occasion Application process is as follows:

1. The Applicant indicates alcohol is to be present on the Rental Request form.

2. A copy of the Special Occasion Application form is given to the Applicant to complete and return to the booking office. The booking office will forward the application to the Property Manager for approval, concerns, or denial.

3. The Property Manager will forward the application to the RCMP for approval, concerns, or denial, and return the application to the Property Manager.

4. The Property Manager will communicate to the Applicant the result of the process and forward to them a copy of the approved or denied application.

5. The Applicant applied for a Special Occasion Permit as approved and issued by the provincial licensing authority.

6. A copy of the approved liquor license shall be provided to the City upon request.